Last minute labor day in SF - what to do?
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What's open in SF on Monday (Labor Day)? Places for brunch? Non-super-touristy things to do?

I'm going to be in SF on Monday - Labor Day.

Generally what's open? What's not?

Any recommendation for places for brunch?

Non-super-touristy things to do?

Last minute planning. :(
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All-day Monday there are going to be amateur bike races around Levi's Plaza. Go to Pier 23 and get something to eat. I'm sure the F Market topless Boat Car will be running, you should try to catch that, probably towards Pier 39, and take it all the way up to, I dunno, Dolores or wherever you want to wander around for the rest of the afternoon. You can take it up to Castro and see "Vertigo" at the Castro Theatre, it's playing there through Monday. Brunch probably depends more on where you're staying. Everywhere there's something good.
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My favorite activity is to walk Balmy Street in the mission and see the murals. It's a pretty non-touristy thing IMO. And there's a Phil's coffee a block away from Balmy St. if you want to enjoy some local, awesome coffee on your walk (yep, this is the original Phil's) :-)

More info on Yelp.

For something a little cheesy, but quite fun, ride the elevators in the Westin for a breathtaking view of the city. It only lasts 20 seconds, making me reflect on the ephemerality of experience :-)

Again, some info on Yelp, but the elevator is hard to find (it's just off the main lobby)
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I'd take the N-Judah out to the oceean, have brunch at the Sea Breeze Cafe or the Beach Chalet, walk up the Great Highway past the Cliff House and up to Land's End for an easy hike.
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Shakespeare in the Park, Litquake, and SF Mime Troupe (really): event listings here.
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