I want candy! (specifically Mackintosh Toffee)
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Where can I buy Mackintosh Toffee in the U.S.?

I am trying to buy Mackintosh Toffee by Nestlé. It seems to be out of stock everywhere that I look online. I think it may be more widely available in Canada and the UK, but I have not been able to find it anywhere other than eBay.
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If you mean the bar, it's sadly been discontinued.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Sys Rq, I'm looking for the individually wrapped toffees. The ice cream looks good, but probably does not ship well.
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Here are some:
- 5 bags with free shipping
- individual bags with $20 flat shipping
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Oh, Sys Req, that's bad, baaaad news. :7(

In the 1970s my uncle went to school in Canada and played some junior hockey. He used to bring us home Mackintosh toffee bars that we would all sit around, fruitlessly gnawing on (and drooling), and we loved it!
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By the looks and description this may have originated as McCowans Highland Toffee . That company sadly went out of business recently but its products have been restarted by Tangerine Confectionery. It may be worth looking at UK->US shops for these instead. It tastes as much like the original as it possible , i think.

( A word of warning do not think of getting the Wham bars. They are dangerous. once you have one you will be craving more. you have been warned . )
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