Does anyone know where this .gif is from?
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Does anyone know which movie / show / video this .gif is from?
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I was as intrigued as you probably are, so I tried to follow down the Google rabbit hole for a bit, and this is about the deepest I can get. Have you tried asking Valentin?
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I followed the movie through the rabbit hole as well and landed exactly where goodnewsfortheinsane landed. I'd say ask Valentin. It immediately made me think of Chris McCandless recognized popularly through "Into the Wild".
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I asked Valentin through the "Ask" feature on the tumblr, waiting for a reply...
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Well, let us know if you find anything out!
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So, Valentin didn't get back yet. It looks like he posts responses to asks on his tumblr, and he put up some asks from yesterday, but not mine.

Makes me think he doesn't know it either. Or maybe is ignoring me? [BUT WHY I WAS SO NICE WHEN ASKING!]
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By searching for the text disappointed by society, young people are fleeing to the wilderness, I found some sites with datestamps before August 24, 2012, including this collection of odd twitter avatars going back to at least June 20 (labeled "flee.gif"), but that only means this has been floating around for a few months now.
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Aw. Well, thanks for the effort mysticreferee.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 4:52 PM on September 27, 2012

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