Custom printer t-shirt & hat wanted
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Recommendations for printing a custom t-shirt and baseball cap?

I want to get a custom t-shirt and ball cap printed for my dad for his birthday. There are a bazillion services on the web. Can anyone recommend a good one--quick turnaround, nice quality, good value? I only want one t-shirt and one cap, so not a bulk order. Also, fyi, I'm in the US (I'm in CA, my dad's in New England), and he is a larger gentleman, so I need to be able to order a big size.
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I've used Zazzle before and been happy, but now I use a local company. You get a lot more control when you speak to real people running a local business in your own neighborhood. They all do small custom orders, and will happily walk you through the process there in house, thereby helping you to avoid common mistakes. I would have it done at your location and then you can mail to your dad.
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I have been very happy with customink. Quick turnaround, nice quality, I think good value... and personal attention if you need it. They called us once to recommend an adjustment to our design to improve the look of the finished product - no charge.
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Are you crafty? Is the design only a few colors? You can diy.
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