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What are your favorite eyeshadow/makeup tutorials?

So I've come to the realization that I pretty much have always worn my eyeshadow in the exact same (boring, haphazard) way. I've never really experimented with eyeliners, either. Mascara is for when I'm feeling extra fancy.

So, what are your favorite online tutorials for different styles of eye makeup? Whether it's polished and subtle or wild and dramatic, I'm interested in experimenting with different ways to play around. All I ask is that they are easy to follow along with, with clear instructions.

Thank you!
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I think the Sali Hughes tutorials on makeup are great. I liked her tutorial on up-flicked eye liner. I'm a makeup simpleton but I could follow it.
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I've been a fan of Michelle Phan for a few years.

Her stuff has gotten really slick and polished ever since she got proper sponsorship, but she still has lots of different looks that are pretty easy to attain or change to your skills/desires. She's got idea for everything from costumey ideas to simple tips. If you search her channel for eyes you'll find a good selection, although quite often she does combination looks & routines that include the whole face with useful tips for eyes as well.
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Pixiwoo (two British sisters) have some good ones on the basics as well as more adventurous looks.
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I learned a lot about eye make-up application from youtube beauty gurus. Not only are there great tips on application, there are awesome product reviews. Depends on your eye shape, coloring, and skill level, but I think there are some great channels to subscribe to. I probably spend too much time watching youtube, but I tend to just play the videos when I'm eating breakfast or doing other chores.

My favorites:
emilynoel83 - She's a news anchor by profession and does her own make-up for the news, great clear speaking, many different tutorials ranging from fancy to going to the grocery, my absolute favorite.

xteeener - if you have asian eye shapes

Thekatieab - more of your everyday, basic type of looks

MichellePhan - She's gotten a lot press for bold celebrity copycat looks (her Lady Gaga one has been referenced a lot), but she has some basics in there too.

pixiwoo - Sisters who are professional make-up artists; may be a bit more advanced and bolder looks. Lot of celeb copies; some basics.

pixi2woo - Related to the pixiwoo sisters above; good range of styles. Again, depending on your coloring, these sets of tutorials can work for you.

xsparkage - Bold and colorful. She's great with the bright and fun looks. She does some series based on popular books/movies... The latest one is the Hunger Games looks, but also has Twilight (years ago) and Harry Potter theme colors.
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The How to be A Girl series at The Hairpin have some great tutorials for 'regular' eyeshadow application going from subtle to business to going out. And a zombie one for Hallowe'en.
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Seconding emilynoel and pixiwoo.

Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist. She is incredibly talented and I find it such a treat to watch her on YouTube. She recently did Kate Winslet's makeup for Titanic 3D premiere.

chicmakeup160 is also professional makeup artist who does tutorials on YouTube.
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I would recommend:

xsparkage - she's really amazing, fun to watch

frmheadtotoe - haven't watched as much of her stuff, asian eye shape

Lisa Eldrige incredibly skilled, more subtle looks

Makeup your Jangsara does AMAZING dramatic looks, and does picture tutorials for most of them.

I also recommend practicing a lot, when you don't have anywhere to go, and you can just wash your face afterwards. If you have the opportunity to have a skilled makeup artist give you some pointers, that can be really helpful too - I just had a makeup artist show me where my eyelid crease was. For my eye shape, it's actually not in the eyelid fold, it's above it, right below the bone. My eyeshadow application has improved dramatically since I learned this!
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Seconding figuring out what your own eye shape is. I'm standard Northern European white, but for the life of me I couldn't point out my crease. Because of that, all of the tutorials I saw weren't so easy to follow. I'm going to get my friend to help me before I attempt it again.
posted by Madamina at 9:50 AM on April 10, 2012 has a great YouTube channel! I highly recommend her older videos.

My FAVORITE eyeshadow tutorial has been this one she did inspired by Mila Kunis at the Oscars last year. I use the same technique practically everyday, switching out the colors for more muted colors for the office and brighter colors on the weekend.

TIP! : Marlena, the gal from MUG and most make-up artists use a number of brushes. For starting out and not wanting to spend loads of cash on it, I suggest some of the travel eyeshadow brushes from CVS Pharmacy or NYX brushes before you decide to splurge on more expensive brushes like those by MAC.
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not strictly eyes, but my favorite makeup tutorials are by gossmakeupartist. He's pretty straightforward, talks about why he does things, and is just a generally nice guy. He does most of his tutorials on himself (!) or on his friend Mandy, who is an older woman, so it is really nice to see that his tips don't rely on one being a gorgeous teenager. Look under HOW TO for stuff like how to: know your eye shape which is very important for being able to alter more dramatic styles (cat eye, smoky eye) to suit yourself.
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She does a lot of different things, but her eye tutorials are really nice.
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Oh yes - like xicana63 says, good brushes are completely ESSENTIAL to being able to create interesting and high quality makeup looks. I don't know what you're using now, but if you are using the applicators that come with eyeshadow, throw them away.

With a medium/high budget, my four essential eye makeup brushes are MAC 239, MAC 217, Sigma E45, and an angled liner brush (I have a discontinued one, I'd recommend trying the Sonia Kashuk one). Photos of those four here, scroll down to eye brushes, self-link. I also use these two ELF brushes frequently.

With a low budget, your best brands are EcoTools, ELF, Sonia Kashuk and Real Techniques.

[I know this is a little tangential, but it's so important to eyeshadow that I'm going to post it anyway]
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julielovesmac07 has really cute everyday looks if you don't mind the instructions in French. She has olive skin.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much, everyone! I am looking forward to trying out all your great links.
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