Death of the Magii?
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Classic Movie Question: Movie where the wife and husband kill each other.

What I recall:

The wife or husband dies on a ship while crossing the atlantic. There is a land deal involved. The wife has an affair with an old flame and uses the man to plot to kill her husband.

Google-Fu fails me!
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Some of the details don't match, but are you thinking of The Lady from Shanghai?
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Best answer: I KNOW THIS!!!!!!!

It is The Strange Love of Martha Ivers.

Long story short, it features many of classic film noir's BEST players - Barbara Stanwyck as Martha Ivers, Kirk Douglas as her husband, Lizabeth Scott as the ingenue. Van Heflin plays the part of the Dangerous Romantic Lead that I'm pretty sure should have been played by Burt Lancaster to make this roster complete.

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Oh, oops. Missed the "ship" part.

Yes, That is The Lady from Shanghai.

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Gee, I'm not so sure. Yes, in The Lady From Shanghai a husband and wife kill each other, but it's in a hall of mirrors, and the scene is so incredible (not to mention famous) that it's hard to imagine one could forget that detail. There's a yacht, not a ship, and no one dies on it. There's no old flame, but the husband's partner, who plots with the wife to kill the husband (and gets killed himself). There's no land deal... I can't see it. All that said, though, I can't think of another match either.
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Long shot with a bunch of near-miss similarities on the details: Dementia 13?

(If nothing else, it's a fun little sleazy Gothic horror treasure - directed by Francis Ford Coppola for Roger Corman!! - that everyone should watch...)
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Response by poster: Nope, none of these, It was the wife that had the affair with the drifter. It definitely ended with someone on a ship crossing (pretty sure it was the husand) the atlantic being murdered.
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