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Path for simple website.

I need to get a simple portfolio website up in the next couple of weeks. I'm not overly worried about the visual elements -- I can handle the photoshopping, layout and textual elements.

I really haven't done any serious web coding in the last ten years, though. I have some basic familiarity with HTML and modest programming experience, but that's pretty much it.

I've got personal domains registered and would like to start of with a very simple portfolio site that's mostly graphical but is able to scale a bit as I need -- eg, add a blog or webstore eventually.

I've played with wordpress a bit and found it incredibly frustrating.

Mostly I'm looking for software recommendations -- website builders or services.
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I keep hearing good things about SquareSpace, but I've never used it personally.
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SquareSpace is essentially a Wordpress clone. If you don't care for Wordpress, I don't think you'll like SS. I could be wrong, though, and they do have a free trial, so it's probably worth looking at.
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You should look at Squarespace and Cargo Collective. These sound like they were made just for you.
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Google Sites is free, and easy to use.
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Did you try installing an actual photography portfolio theme in Wordpress? That should certainly be a lot easier than trying to build such a site yourself from a generic Wordpress theme. If you Google the topic, you'll find that there are MANY photography portfolio themes for Wordpress, both free and paid. There are also photo gallery plug-ins, but as far as I know, you can't install plug-ins in a free ( blog but instead have to use the Wordpress CMS (content management system - and that would certainly require a higher level of technical skill than just installing a theme on a free Wordpress blog.
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Best answer: I'd look at a Content Management System that was made for designers. While I have no doubt that you have PhotoShop skills, web page layout is not PhotoShop anymore: it's CSS, with perhaps a bit of JavaScript. If you want to expand your skillset into those areas, great... but it sounds like you just want a portfolio up and running, with the possibility of expansion later. In which case, I would recommend:
  • Koken is a new CMS for creatives that looks very promising.
  • Alkaline is another possibility.
I hope these help!
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