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Can I use a form/survey on an HTML page to enter data and have the entered code append to the end of a URL that, apart from the variable suffix, remains constant?

Going to do my best to explain this with zilch technical vocabulary:

Would like users to be able to search for "jobs logged" using a unique Job ID (but have no control on the site on which houses the job info).

The jobs are filed consistently as follows:

So, will a input field be able to take whatever text is entered and open the URL with the inputted job number stuck to the end of it? Is there a better option that'll get the same result of having an easy interface to enter a code and be displayed a page relevant to that code?
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Best answer: This is what forms are for! An HTML page that looks like this will do what you want, I think. Drop this text into a blank .txt file (replace the URL obviously) and rename the extension to .html, open the file in your webbrowser of choice.
<title>Logged Jobs form</title>
<form action="http://blahblahblah/subfolder/LoggedJobs.aspx" method=GET>
<input type=text name=ID>
<input type=submit value="Go">

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Response by poster: Oooooooooooo! That did it! You've saved us endless minutes of frustration.

Thank you!
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And if there is a predefined set of values for "ID" then:
<form action="http://blahblahblah/subfolder/LoggedJobs.aspx" method="GET">
<select name="ID">
<input type="submit" value="Go">

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