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Anywhere to get custom-custom messenger bags? No, not like the Timbuk2 website. Must hold enormous laptop.

So I'm kind of against the grain in that I rock a PC laptop and a BIG one- 17.3 (or so) inches. Most messenger bags won't fit it. The laptop bags that do fit it look like 'executive' carryons from Costco. Is there anyone who will make me a bag that doesn't look homemade, per se, has tons and tons of padding? Really just a Timbuk2 bag that's maybe an inch or two bigger would probably be fine. I used to have a Frietag- man, if they made a bigger bag that had ALOT more padding that would be my choice, bar none.
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Kill Spencer ( does custom-order bags. His stuff is handmade in LA using remaindered military fabrics or specially-chosen leather and tends to be very expensive, though.
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Best answer: Baileyworks bags, much higher quality than Timbuk2, get a Tom Bihn brain cell for it.
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Best answer: Reload bags are awesome!
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Danish Souperbag, Hedgren, Globetrot.
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The folks at Vaya Bags might be able to help you out.
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Defy Bags has some nice bags and does custom orders if you don't find exactly what you need.
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My friends all swear by Tom Bihn bags. The Super Ego is pretty big, very messengery, and highly customizable.
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Rickshaw Bagworks in SF builds custom messenger bags. I have a friend who is really happy with the bag they built him.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I'm glad there's a few that go beyond "Large = will hold 15" MBP".
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Again, Tom Bihn.

Their Super Ego will hold both a Brain Cell for a 17" laptop AND their new camera bag, which is for DSLRs... and can take an attachment for holding a tripod.
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My buddy has the Trash Bag Landfill and that bag is almost comically large.
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Seagull Bags
Freight Baggage - I personally have the Medium Rolltop and it's huge, I stick my 15" Macbook with one of the 'wetsuit' cases in it. They have larger and do custom work as well.
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Seagull Bags I have a large, and I'm pretty sure it would fit that laptop, but there's also the large oversized, XL, and pro which are even bigger. I'd recommend the laptop insert option (they do full customs with LOTS of options).
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