How can I find an LDS missionary to be penpals with?
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Is there a way to find an LDS/Mormon Missionary to be penpals with?

It seems from the internet that within the church missionaries always want letters, but I am not mormon, let alone religious so I have no idea how to do that. Personally I'd just find it interesting. I've done some googling and can't figure out how. Can any LDS/ex-LDS people fill me in?
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There are actually plenty of LDS folks right here on metafilter, particularly in Ask, you might get some volunteers.
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You might check with the local "ward" where you are to see if there are any missionaries from that ward serving elsewhere that would like some letters. You can find the local meeting house here. Just call up and ask.

There is also but I'm not sure if you can use that to write to a random missionary or if you need to specify a specific missionary.
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I can put you in contact with a few, if you like. I'll get a list at church this coming Sunday (or earlier, if I can) and send you a MeFiMail. You're not going to harass them or try to persuade them to abandon the faith or anything like that, right?
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I used to work with the LDS Church Missionaries, setting up the phone service for them.

LDS churches are not typically manned unless it's during a meeting, so you may need to leave a message, but someone should be able to get back to you with some information.

FYI, to get around having to pay to have an unlisted number, we'd put the listing in directory assistance as A. Maroni. So you could call directory assistance and ask for a local listing for A. Maroni, and you'll probably get a Mormon Missionary. This should work for most of the Southeastern United States.
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i totally do not want to get them to abandon their faith.

I'd check with a ward but I also don't want people trying to convert me either--specifically coming to my house. I'd just like to talk to a real person about their experience. Messaging The World Famous now!
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