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Looking for a artist studio/workspace kind of deal in Manhattan. Challenges: affordable, soundproof, pay-per-use.

Some friends and I need to get together about once a month to rehearse some pretty goofy material for an hour or two at a time. It would be really wonderful to do this in Manhattan, which is far more central to everyone involved, than in the various outer boroughs we live in.

Our priorities are:

Privacy - we need to be able to make noise, and we don't want to be visible or overheard if we can help it.

Affordable - I dunno, fifty bucks per session? Is that lunacy? We don't need any sort of tech set up, just a space.

Pay-per-use - We don't have either the funds or the necessity to rent a place for an entire month, week, or even day. Just a couple hours here or there. We're fine scheduling many weeks in advance.

I know, it sounds like a pipe dream. But maybe you know of something that I don't?
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Rehearsal Studios are a very common thing for musicians -- I don't know if they have any rules about like using the space for non-musical rehearsing, but in a quick super cursory search this or this or this all meet your requirements (the last one seems to explicitly cater to theater-type rehearsing, though it looks like it's more aimed to dancing).
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Response by poster: Thanks brainmouse. I knew that places like these existed, but since I'm not a dancer or an opera singer, I didn't even know where to begin looking.
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Yep, you need a band rehearsal space. I like Smash Studios. Their rates should fit your budget too.
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You want this website.

A personal recommendation--I like to use Simple Studios. Their spaces are well-maintained and clean, and pretty cheap.
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