What to expect when you expect to be a dad?
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Are there solo participation (as in not couples) classes for expectant fathers in any high schools or colleges in the USA or Canada?
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Are you asking about classes specifically for guys or whether a solo expectant father would be allowed in the 'expectant mothers' class?

I do know a guy who successfully argued that he be allowed to join his now wife in the class for pregnant students. It had dual purposes of teaching some parenting skills and allowing people to finish high school while/shortly after giving birth. People left as they gave birth, including his now wife, and he stuck around, as I imagine someone who was due to give birth after school ended would have done. As I understand it, the school was reluctant to let them take the class as a couple. (I think no would-be father had ever asked.)
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Best answer: CUNY offers something along those lines. From their news/events website: "The CUNY Fatherhood Academy is a free 4-month, 3 day program where a father of ages 18-24 can earn a GED, prepare for college, and earn work experience through a part-time job or an internship." I imagine it also comes with information pertinent to parenting, especially fathering. The classes take place at LaGuardia Community College.
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Response by poster: thanks, Liesl. More answers, please, if you have them.
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Best answer: It's not in a high school or educational institution, but the Neah Kee Papa Program by the Manitoba Metis Federation is geared specifically to adolescent fathers.
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Best answer: This is offered through local hospitals, not high schools or colleges, but the Boot Camp for New Dads program is nation-wide.
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Response by poster: thanks, everyone.
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