seeking near misses (musically speaking)
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What's your favorite NON-hit these days (musically speaking)?

There is so much great music out there. I can't even stay up on the bands/artists/etc I'm into. What's the best SINGLE overlooked gem you've come across lately?

I'd say "album track" but what does that even mean anymore?
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Best answer: "Autumn Leaves", a bonus track off "+" by Ed Sheeran.
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Best answer: What kind of music do you like, and what's your definition of a hit?

Lately I've been really loving the song "Clementine" by Sarah Jaffe. I think it was a moderate hit but I only recently heard it (through a friend's Spotify playlist).
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Best answer: I'm likin' just about anything by Bahamas lately, even if it's just a post-Folk Fest glow.
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Response by poster: What kind of music do you like, and what's your definition of a hit?

I don't really have favorite genres. A hit would be a song I've heard too much of via radio, TV commercials, overall cultural over-exposure.

I guess what I'd really like to hear is your current fave non-overexposed record.
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Best answer: Tough choice! I know that every time this song plays, energy get sucked from the air and charges my body like bulls on a parade:

"Major", off the album "Out of Frequency" from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
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Best answer: I'd vote for Killer Mike's Reagan. Without a doubt the most powerful song I've heard this summer.
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Best answer: Irish chanteuse Camille O'Sullivan's cover of Nick Cave's "The Ship Song". A slow burner for sure, but it sucks everything else out the room and Camille pulls every eye and ear to the stage (when you see it live). The single version is just chills all round.
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Best answer: I recently became aware of wee Orla Gartland and a fan of her song The Ground. (She's only 17 so I'm sort of hoping I got in on the ground floor with this one...)
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Best answer: I'm a huge fan of The Chap - when I were a lad thirty years ago at least one of their silly, ridiculously catchy pop songs would have been some kind of a hit, but no longer
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Best answer: This record. This record times a thousand.
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Best answer: Sat. Nite Duets, "All Nite Long" is a slack pop masterpiece and not enough people outside Wisconsin are listening to it.
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Best answer: Masters of Reality (W. Ginger Baker) She Got Me
Masters of Reality, The Great Spelunker.
Steven Wilson Harmony Korine

And an oldie I'd forgotten about until last month:
Todd Rundgren Black Mariah
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Best answer: Holy wide-open question, batman.

My favorite non-overexposed music would be the great local stuff for bands that haven't exploded yet. (Get thee to the local scene!)

These days, that band is bloodnstuff from Minneapolis. My favorite tune by them off their new album is this one.
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Best answer: Gods Robots (India meets SF), Stay.
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Best answer: My newest favorite song is "Impregnable Question" by Dirty Projectors. Pitchfork review of the album.
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Best answer: My current favorite is by an Austin band, the Black and White Years. I love the whole album but Luck and Timing is my auto-repeat song.
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Best answer: Alabama Shakes and their new release Boys and Girls. Great stuff, but unlikely to be heard on Top 40 radio any time soon.
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Best answer: From a person you might have heard of: the new Childish Gambino mixtape.

From someone you might not have heard of: Doomtree (really just Dessa) - Sadie Hawkins

Big in Japan: The Birthday - S and R
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Best answer: More guitar rock from the criminally-neglected Mike Keneally: Pride is a Sin. When I first got this CD, I hit repeat on this song while driving my car for about a week.
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Best answer: I'm all about the Scissor Sisters, Let's Have a Kiki. Really, how could you not be?
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Best answer: The past couple of weeks I've discovered the album Badlands by Dirty Beaches (wiki). But I guess it's been out since 2011.

Also I've been liking Kimmo Pohjonen (songs) who according to wikipedia is "a Finnish accordionist who has revolutionized accordion sounds and performance with his custom-made electrified and modified instrument."
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Best answer: JJ DOOM - Guv'nor
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Best answer: From Daniel Romano's recent Sleep Beneath the Willow, a country-rock album in the tradition of Gram Parsons and Musicor-era George Jones, I won't let it...
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Best answer: In an alternate universe, it is 1977 forever and Everything That You Took by Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires is blasting out of the t-top of every Pontiac Firebird in the Friday night parking lot. Off the excellent new album, There Is A Bomb In Gilead. CAUTION: contains unapologetic Southern rock. May also contain white-boy soul, guitar solos, singable choruses, and moderate tambourine abuse. Sets no trends, pushes no envelopes, challenges no paradigms. It's just a straight-ahead twangy rock record. And there ain't nothing wrong with that.

In a similar vein (that is, smart rock bands playing guitar-forward music), The Ike Reilly Assassination. Good stuff. Start with Salesmen And Racists.
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Best answer: I don't think this qualifies as a hit, (but I'm not really sure) and it's at least a year old, but I'm going with Portugal. The Man's Sleep Forever.
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Following up - fair warning, toward the end, the Sleep Forever video above has some gory scenes in it, as do some of their other videos.
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Best answer: I love "Paper-Hanger" by MeWithoutYou. It's a bit older now, but their new stuff is quite good still.
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Best answer: Blu & Exile - Dancing in the Rain. It's changed, but the top comment used to be "wow best accidental click of my life." This whole album is amazing, honestly - and apparently it made no money, either. I follow hip hop regularly, and I had never heard of this (it came out in 2007) until a few months ago - it blew me away, and I listen to it semi-weekly. I've also heard since that Blu is seriously considering leaving the music industry entirely - which, if it's true, would be the saddest thing ever. But at least he left us this [incredibly under-appreciated] album. More Greatness from Blu.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Best answers for everything because it's all good. Music's like that, I guess.

so much to listen to
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