Digital Electronic Signature Capture for android
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I would like customers to be able to digitally sign an electronic invoice on a Samsung SII. I see there are a few apps out there that do this but they seem to get mixed reviews. Do you have specific experience with an app of this type (signature capture) that you can recommend?

Looking for a digital electronic signature capture app that works flawlessly in the sales field. Nothing would look stupider than standing with an important customer and have the app not work. These people are busy. I know of the apps that are on Play Store, etc. Not looking for a general recommendation -- I need a specific recommendation from someone who has used this sort of app in the field and hopefully on a Samsung and can vouch for the app. Integrated with an invoicing app would be even better. Im thinking of using Paypal electronic invoicing but open to other suggestions. I really am tired of paper. This is what smart media is supposed to allow us to do. Go paperless. Im ready. Is the technology? An app with a responsive developer would be next best. I can beta test in the field and give real time feed back.
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I haven't used it in the field, but DocuSign's system was really good when I played with it. The finger tracking left a bit to be desired so the signatures didn't look as nice as with a pen, but they were good enough andthat was on my Droid Bionic phone so you may want to try it on your device.

The best part is they have a free trial of 5 documents per month so you can try it yourself.
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The last project I worked on that needed this ended up concluding that none of the apps we found really met our needs well. We ended up custom developing something using the jquery plug-in Signature Pad. It allows a webbased setup rather than an app which we found to be more reliable and flexible.
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