Where can we dance to Vonda??
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Do bars like the one on Ally McBeal really exist? Tell me where! Anywhere in the world will do, but it must fit the bill.

I'm laid up and watching streaming reruns that don't demand a wealth of bandwidth. And I'm thinking: I'd hang out at that bar! But do such places actually exist?

Vonda belts out songs you know from the piano, sometimes with a trio of rockin' backup singers. The dance floor is usually full--and the people dancing really CAN hear each other speak. The place is clean and there are plenty of tables. It's full of interesting and often quirky people (like the twins!) who have options for good drinks and good food. And it's not in a scary part of town.

Where is it? What's it called? What kind of music? Cover charge? $27 martinis? Paint a picture for me. Anywhere in the world. Go!

[Bonus points for anywhere in SFO. Extra confetti if it sits between Moscone and the TransAmerica building]
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Rose's Turn in the Village used to be a bit like that. It wasn't a big place, but Terri the bartender used to belt of show tunes and it had a great old atmosphere even if it tended towards being hammy. I don't recall a cover charge but the tip jar used to go round after every singer had done their turn. It's shut now, sadly.
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Soul Revival in Boston's South End had that vibe. It really integrated live music with DJs and house.
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Nye's Polonaise Room in Minneapolis has some of that vibe, but projected through a polka lens. There is a piano bar with sing-alongs, polka bands, a restaurant space that is straight to you from the 40s.
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In San Francisco, The Tonga Room always had this vibe to me. Last time I was there was with a friend and his elderly mother. And her and I ended up on the dance floor.
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Similarly, Harry Denton's Starlight Room and the Top of the Mark come to mind. In fact, a lot of the hotel bars fit the bill -- the bar at the Big Four in the Huntington fits the bill, too.
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Thanks all. We went to the Top of the Mark at sunset. A lovely time. Prices fit the view, that's for sure, and we only had two drinks and two apps. But we felt it was worth it for a memorable vacation experience.

For the purposes of the question, we did not dance to Vonda. The music was a pleasant classical piano, very quiet, no singing. One sweet couple danced to it slowly. It was very nice. Not exactly suited to my original purpose, but that was okay. Some day here and in other cities mentioned above, I'll look forward to further research!
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