Convert a route on a Google map into a list of directions
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How can I convert a route on Google Maps into a list of directions?

This route from Munich to Venice is drawn as a route on Google Maps. I'd like to convert it into turn-by-turn directions. Is this possible? Or do I have to do it by hand?
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Just use "get directions" and use Munich International Airport as the starting point and Venice as the end point (or vice versa) - unless I am not understanding this correctly? You can add the stops by right clicking on the route and choosing "add a destination."
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Response by poster: This is a particular route, taking small roads for cycling.

I could construct it by hand by adding each waypoint -- but given it's several hundred km, that might take a long time, so I'm looking for an automated solution.
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I think the problem is that the route you have is basically just lines drawn along roads, not a real route.
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It looks like the walking directions from Munich airport to Venice are a close starting point to work from.
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I tried to snag the route with GMapToGPX, but it's just a series of route points.
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I can think of a few ways to try to recreate a dynamic map, given a set of static route points, but I don't know of any implementations. Given the constraints of Google Maps' "via" routing (there's a limit to the number of destination/"via" points you can add to a route, but I forget what it is), I don't think there'd be a good generalizable solution. Certainly nothing that would be faster to implement than just following the route on the map yourself and making the cue sheet by hand.

If you have a gps, you can load the route in and follow along, but that still won't get you directions of the "turn left at the intersection of State and Main" type.
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I tried converting the KML to GPX (which I guess is what scruss did, but with a different tool) and loading it into MapMyRide. The map appears fine but MapMyRide can't produce a cue sheet. I think you're going to have to trace this on a map yourself.
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To clarify—MapMyRide normally produces a cue sheet from a mapped route (they call it "Notes/Directions"), but in this case, it just said "Notes could not be found for this route."
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