An app that will give me directions but route me past interesting things
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Apple Maps and the Google Maps app will give me directions. Apple Maps and the Google Maps app will give me restaurant reviews. With either of these apps, is there any way to combine these functions-- as in, "Google, get me to Piccadilly Circus and tell me the highest-rated restaurant along the way?" Or "Get me to Piccadilly Circus and route me past a good French restaurant?" If not, is there any app that will do this?

(Obviously, I can piece together a solution by looking up a good restaurant, and then getting directions to it, and then once I'm there, getting directions from it to my final destination. But I'm hoping for a more seamless solution.)
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Best answer: Along the Way and On the Way
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Not an app, but there are a few tools that mash up wikipedia with maps:
- Wikimapia The category dropdown has some broad top-level categories, but you can search and find more specific ones. I linked to a map showing places with historical importance, but here's one with "Film/TV locations", etc..
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