Want a compact multimedia player
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What is a good modern music player?

The old days of a receiver/amplifier fed by separate stereo components are gone, I think.

What is your recommendation for a good central unit that combines an iPod dock and CD player (MP3 capable), and optionally AM/FM and/or internet radio via WiFi? Since I already have a set of speakers the best candidate would not include built-in speakers.
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This device sounds suspiciously like a computer
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From the kinda-sorta-audiophile end of things: I do not agree that the days of an amplifier fed by separate components are over. If you decide to buy a receiver, Onkyo and Marantz are two names to consider.

From the gadget-blog end: I would be wary of buying anything that contains an iPod dock between now and mid-September, as there seems to be a lot of scuttlebutt suggesting that the iPhone 5 will ditch the 30-pin connector in favor of a new style.
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