tips and tricks for rag curls for fine hair?
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i feel like everytime i do rag curls i'm doing it wrong - my hair ends up like i used my crimper from the 80s, instead of hypercurly. advice? (hair is well-conditioned and naturally wavy.)
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It would help to know what, exactly, are you doing to achieve this result?

I've done this tutorial before and it's perfect. My hair sounds about the same texture as yours. Never do it on dripping wet hair. I usually just wet it at the ends as the tutorial instructs. And roll the hair upward as smoothly as possible. I have toofo BIG sections, though. Like one in the back and one on each side.
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Oops, link fail. Here is the tutorial.
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Yes, that's pretty much the method my Mom used on my sister and me Saturday nights so we'd have proper curls for church the next morning, and we had fine, waist-length, stick-straight hair back then, too. The only difference was that she used folded "man-size" Kleenex instead of cloth (I think I'd prefer cloth) and she didn't dampen our hair.

If you try the tutorial and your hair is still too tightly curled, maybe try dry rag wrapping instead.
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i was looking for "big hair" - tighter curls closer to the roots.
but your fyi is kickass - will definitely use that for days i just want to curl up the ends - thanks!
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I imagine trying to get closer to the roots causes your sections to get smaller. So bigger sections, maybe by flipping your hair over, with thicker rags?

Or you could try the sock bun.
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How short/long is your hair? For pretty awesome curls on short-to-medium length hair I can recommend two alternatives to rag curls that give really good results: 1) soft spikes and 2) curl formers. Internet video tutorials for both abound.
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Oh I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood. Do you want the very tight, 'fro curls? If so, my tutorial is crap for that!

I once got that by doing a TON of sectioning on fairly wet hair and rolled all the way to the roots. Not sure what fabric you are using, but I use flannel. I think the curling method is important--tuck in the ends smoothly and curl in one direction (I go upward).
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normally i do a lot of sections close to the roots - but maybe i'm doing them too small, and that's why i'm getting el crimpo instead of curls?
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Are you rolling them really tightly? My "rags" are always kind floppy.
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You could try old fashioned sponge rollers.
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Is there a chance your hair is too conditioned? I have curly hair that has flipped from needing loads and loads of moisturizing to not needing a great deal. Over-conditioning it led to it become a droopy limp mess and it sure didnt respond to the usual products and whatnot. Took me ages to figure out what was going on and to correct it (as much as I, a lazy hair person, can correct it)
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What kind of curly look are you going for? I do rag curls all the time and typically get a retro 50's-ish flip by separating into 4-6 sections rolling from the bottom and tying it at the hairline. (Usually 4 cause I'm lazy!) Any more than 8 and they do start to get really crimpy looking. The few times that I've tried rolling higher to get to the roots on my crown, it's always come out kind odd so I don't bother now. In the morning I just unroll, flip my head upside down and loosen the curls with my fingers, then voila! Big wonderful curls!
posted by platinum at 3:26 AM on August 19, 2012 [2 favorites] has a tutorial here--basically, try twisting sections of your (slightly damp) hair, and then twisting that twisted coil onto itself into a little bun. Smaller sections=littler, tighter curls.
She repeated it here (with bigger sections, and the curls pulled apart more for a "big hair" styling).
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Maybe try Pillow Rollers instead?
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after looking at the links posted, i'm totally rolling them too tightly around the rag, so i'm getting tight corkscrew curls instead of fun bouncy curls.
thanks all!
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