Film noir-ish writing spots in Manhattan?
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I'm looking for film noir-ish locations in Manhattan to sit down and write!

I don't smoke, I'm not an alcoholic and I'm almost aggressively optimistic but I can't watch 1940's and 50's film noir without the itch to be in one. I made a pros-and-cons list and being seduced by a fatally attractive female and riding a deadly train to the end of the line seemed like a largely bad idea so instead... instead I just want a moody 40s/50s noir-ish place (in Manhattan, NY) to turn on some jazz, maybe drink a strong cup of coffee, and write!

I guess this seems to be a request for late night spots, but the back of a dark coffee shop (The Hungarian Pastry Shop on the UWS is a good example of this) could be a welcome daytime write-spot too!
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It's definitely on the hipster side of noir, but the Ace Hotel lobby is open to the public and pleasingly atmospheric. It's also got free wireless, great coffee, and fine cocktails if you are so inclined. Hotel lobbies and bars -- especially older ones -- might be interesting to investigate in general.
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I always thought Red Hook was very film noir, but not in Manhattan. Same with Long Island City.

For Manhattan, have you been to the Grand Central Oyster Bar?
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Not a writing spot, but for late night atmosphere you might like Smalls.
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The Housing Works Bookstore is your kind of place.
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+1 the Ace Hotel Lobby & Grand Central Oyster Bar or just anywhere in Grand Central really & Smalls (a non-smokey jazz bar - not a place or writing). I'm surprised how many places I know on this list.

Also La Lanterna.

71 Irving.

The Olive Tree Cafe.
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Not Manhattan but THE DINER in Brooklyn is an old 30s railcar diner that, if you squint, still looks like you should be meeting a shady woman there for coffee.

Also my previous question may help you
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