When was the French printer "Panet & Imbert" in operation?
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I have an antique French olive oil label. The printer's name and location appear in small print at the bottom: "Panet & Imbert" - Marseille". I would like to know when this printer was in operation. I have not found anything useful about this on the Internet.
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Best answer: E-Corpus in an online European archive of old documents and Panet & Imbert is mentioned on several documents. Take, for example, this beautiful label which states that Panet & Imbert was founded in 1868.
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Best answer: As for when they ceased to exists, the documents suggest that Panet & Imbert were in operation up to at least 1912 (bottom center).
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Response by poster: Foci for Analysis: Many thanks for this information! It's really helpful. And thanks for introducing me to E-Corpus. It might turn out to be a gold mine for my purposes (antique label dating).
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Best answer: In the Annuaire de l'Union fraternelle du commerce et de l'industrie, a trade directory, there are entries for Panet et Imbert (37, rue Paradis, Marseille; successeurs de Panet et Gautier) between at least 1902 and 1922. Here are the entries from 1902: 1, 2, 3. They all give basically the same information, filed in three different ways.

Searching back a bit through earlier issues of the directory (which published from 1892, and is incidentally evidently very Catholic in orientation), I discovered that while I couldn't track Panet et Imbert, this address was previously occupied by another printer, Aschéro et Sacomant: see the 1894 edition, for example.

Eugène Imbert, imprimeur-papetier, appears in the list of members of the Société philanthropique des commis et employés de Marseille as late as 1929, but there's no Panet (which could just mean that only Imbert had joined).

Going back a bit further in time, in 1877 the Annales de la propriété industrielle, artistique et littéraire--a journal of intellectual property law--reported on a case of alleged industrial counterfeiting between two pharmaceutical firms, Guillot and Guyot (pronunciation near-identical). One of the witnesses, la dame Imbert, who'd provided 10,000 labels for Guillot's product in 1863, is described as having been a 'lithographer in Toulon for more than 30 years'. Discussion of the case begins on this page, under 'Art. 2387'; first reference to Mme Imbert is on p231, and there are a few more in what follows. Sounds like she may have been a predecessor of the later business in Marseille.

All of these from Gallica, with a few crude searches (panet imbert marseille in the search everything box, sort of thing).
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Response by poster: Lapsangsouchong: Great information! Thanks for doing these searches and for opening my eyes to these resources. Potentially, they will be a big help. I really appreciate all this.
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