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Where can I find the wallpaper from the beginning of the Doctor Who episode Blink?

In the opening scene of the Doctor Who episode Blink, Sally breaks into a building and tears the wallpaper off the walls, revealing a hidden message. I WANT THAT WALLPAPER. Unfortunately, searching Google is useless, because when you search the terms "dr who wallpaper blink", Google thinks you intend "wallpaper" to mean desktop images, rather than literal paper for you walls. It might be a lost cause, but MetaFilter is a clever bunch of monkeys, so I thought that maybe we could all work together to find it. Any help would be appreciated.
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Response by poster: Yes, the wallpaper from the start of that clip is the wallpaper in question.
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Given that the wallpaper is an actual plot point, there's a pretty good chance it was created by the art department especially for the episode (though of course I hope for your sake this is not the case).

FWIW, I googled around and discovered that the filming location for Wester Drumlins is a derelict building called Fields House in Newport, and apparently there are still remnants of wallpaper on the wall in question.

If I wanted to procure this wallpaper for my own use, I'd probably scour the Blink credits to find some names of art department or set dressing crew members, find them on Twitter, and ask them where it came from.

If the art department made it themselves, I'd ask a graphic designer friend to make a copy of the design and have some made bespoke.
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Here are some cropped screenshots of the wallpaper, taken from a couple of different scenes.
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(I can't find the exact design either, but googling blue damask gives a lot of aesthetically similar near misses)
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If you can't find that exact one, you can try looking for Custom wallpaper stores. I don't know what the rules are for copyrighting wallpaper designs, but you might be able to print your own.
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Best answer: I believe it's Zoffany Alhambra.

(I know that the wallpaper in 221B in Sherlock is by Zoffany, so I just googled "zoffany blue white" and picked it out in the image search result. :))
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