Tech specs on older Apple Hardware?
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OldAppleHardwareFilter: I've decided to cannibalize my first-gen clamshell iBook after a number of years of service and I'd like to use some of the parts for other projects. My problem is that I can't find any heavily technical information on the components.

The part I'd most like to keep is the keyboard which has two ribbons of 15 traces each running to a 20x2 pin connector (made by ACER: 48.N0103.001, about 1mm spacing) which was connected on the mainboard of the iBook. I googled around and was only able to find a mention that older ibook keyboards were on ADB rather than USB. Searches on apple and acer's sites have turned up nothing.

Is there some tech spec repository that I'm missing?
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One of Apple's Developer Notes might be able to help you out.
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Best answer: I've decided to cannibalize my first-gen clamshell iBook

*cries* it's still good!

Man, run NetBSD, Yellod Dog Linux or heck even Mac OS X Panther on that little darling! If it's an issue of broken parts eBay has replacements CHEAP. I have rebuilt several iBooks sometimes with nothing more than a chasis and working motherboard.
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Yikes! Must have removed part of my link tag by accident. Try to pretend there's a "LowEndMac" in front of the "(which" and that the link stops there.
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Response by poster: I wouldn't usually consider a comment that didn't answer my question as the "best answer" but in this case Apple tech specs are not readily availible which makes part-salvaging pointless until I have the time and skill to figure out the pinouts for myself.

I'll be getting a new CD drive and larger hard drive and trying out Yellow Dog Linux.
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