What was the EC Comic with this alien story?
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Please identify this science-fiction EC Comics story involving a mind-controlling alien.

I think it begins with kids finding a colorful egg, which hatches a creepy little alien, possibly reptillian. It immediately takes over the kids, and eventually the whole town, everybody becoming its slave. As it eats, it gets bigger, becoming huge, too big to hide in any building. Then the Army or Air Force kills it, but not really. Must have been in Weird Science, Weird Fantasy or a Shock SuspenseStory.
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I don't know the title but I read it as well, I remember the egg clearly. (Did you read the one about the man who couldn't die but got cancer, whoa!)
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Another aspect was the townspeope all carrying on about how beautiful the alien was, when actually it's kinda hideous.
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Got it!

It's “Don't Count Your Chickens…” from No. 13 May/June 1952.
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A post in this forum thread has a few panels from the story that Cosine mentions, to compare to your recollection.
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That's it, from Weird Fantasy #13, May-June 1952. Thanks!
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