enery shot without artificial sweeteners
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Where can I find a 2oz energy shot that's not made with artificial sweetener?

I'm one of those people who can't stand bitter tastes (like coffee), or the taste of artificial sweeteners (sucralose, saccharine, and stevia taste terrible to me). Unfortunately, my aversion to bitterness and artificial flavors, coupled with my need for caffeine has led me to drink too many Mountain Dew-type soft drinks.

So, I'm interested in drinking less sugar by moving from large soft drinks to using (in moderation) 2oz "energy shot" drinks instead; however it seems like all or almost all such energy shot drinks are sweetened with sucralose or stevia or aspartame, etc.

Can anyone help me find a 2oz energy drink that contains no artificial sweeteners? (It could be sweetened with sugar, honey, corn syrup, xylitol (ideally), or left simply unsweetened).

Warning: trying to Google this leads one into a world of discontinued, not-yet-offered, and worryingly "extreme" boutique energy drinks (I don't really want to ingest dangerous mega-does of vitamin B-12, etc.).

I'm just looking for some drinkable caffeine in a small bottle without some horrible artificial sweetener in there. I'm surprised this is so tricky.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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If you just want caffeine with no sugar or artificial sweeteners at all, you could try caffeine pills - they're over the counter (assuming you're in the US; I'm unsure about other countries), and it's easy to get the exact dose you want. They're cheap too.
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Response by poster: Thanks, insectosaurus; however, I'm inclined to avoid pills and gum, since a drink lets you pace yourself a little more precisely, I think. You can drink a bit more or less and avoid a big caffeine jolt all at once.
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Dissolve caffeine pills in a beverage you enjoy.
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have you ever tried a bottled Frappucino? I used to hate coffee but the bottled Frappucino is so sweetened that it's not the least bit bitter. I recommend vanilla flavor. Another option would be tea with honey?

Mountain Dew is mostly high fructose corn syrup but that is essentially sugar. And it has as much caffeine as a generic cup of coffee.
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This might be a little on the "boutiquey" side, but I've tried this stuff and it works really well. Disclaimer: I occasionally do work for this company.
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Zipfizz Energy Shot and Zipfizz Healthy Energy Mix are both sweetened with Xylitol and Sucralose. Still might be worth trying.
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I regularly take caffeine pills with no ill effect. If you're used to caffeine on a regular basis they're not going to make you speed-y or anything.
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If your location is correct, this brand won't be available where you are, but perhaps you can find some other caffeinated water. Otherwise, the Water Joe can be ordered online.

I have had this stuff, but it was over 10 years ago, so I don't vouch for it or anything. :)
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