Can you help me identify this indie film from the last half of the 90s?
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Can you help me identify this indie film from the last half of the 90s? It was shown repeatedly on either IFC or Sundance in that period. Set in LA, it seems now like a precursor to "mumblecore" films with non-actors poorly recorded with only a bit of a plot. The protagonist was male, shorter, dark-haired, and kind of aggressive in the way he would talk to people; I especially remember he would mostly repeat what other people would say, maybe two or three times, rapidly, with this angry tone.

This movie reminds me a bit of Floundering, although that had better production values. They may be associated in my mind only because I encountered them at the same time.

The movie in question was a drama-with-comedy the way The Puffy Chair (as an example) might be; as so many "indie" films are.

I remember a scene on a playground where he talks with a woman, perhaps one he had been half-assedly pursuing, on a swingset.

I remember another scene where he's with his buddy in a convertible classic car, and they drive into a nice area of LA, and are stopped by cops because there's a crime scene up ahead. In this way, it reminds me of Floundering where the disillusionment of the characters is set against of sunlit 90s LA as a sort of social commentary.
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Could this be Trust? It never came out on DVD. If I remember correctly, it did play on IFC and it did have a scene when the two main characters are talking on a swingset.
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Response by poster: That is a good suggestion, thanks. No it's not that film.
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