Help me kill my eMac
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Help me kill my eMac (snowball)

Need help putting this guy to sleep forever. Old, noisy and erratic, and largely unused for years, I cannot open it. I start it, but all I get is the Apple icon. and have to pull the plug to turn it off. No curser, no commands work. I want to get it open, and retrieve some things, if possible. I work off a MacBook Pro now. Can I get this thing open, pull out some files, wipe it clean (or whatever you call it) and apply a final euthanization? (unless someone has an interesting alternative? a nite-lite? a fishbowl? a looped video? I'd like to keep it for something. Kind of like it.
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This doc might help you with disassembly, if you want to pull the drive and put it into an external drive enclosure. You might want to hand over the CRT and related components to a computer recycler so you don't electrocute yourself. The case itself would make a pretty nice fishbowl.
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I've no advice for the gutting portion of this project, but I do suggest that if you have any housemates of the feline variety, the eMac cat bed is the way to go. :)

See here for details.
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If you're still getting an Apple logo, and you have another Mac that has a FireWire port, you might try using Target Disk Mode instead- essentially turning your entire computer into an external hard drive. More on Target Disk Mode here.
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They're not too tricky to get into - an appropiate alan key and a phillips screw driver is all that's needed. (though google "how to discharge a CRT" just to be safe)
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is there a way to retrieve my files, and wipe it clean, w/out actually opening it?
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is there a way to retrieve my files, and wipe it clean, w/out actually opening it?

That's what aaronbeekay's comment about Firewire Target Disk Mode is recommending. It will let you connect the eMac to another computer as if it were just a gigantic external hard drive. Then you can make copies of whatever you want.
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got in, thanks
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