sleeping near the fishes.
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Looking for an affordable, funky inn or B and B in Monterey so we can hit the aquarium first thing the next morning.

My GF and I will be vacationing in California this year, renting a car in the bay area and heading south. We are looking for a spot to bed down in Monterey so we can hit the aquarium early. We don't need the cheapest option, but if we can find a bargain at a groovy place, we'd be very happy. Haunted would be a plus. We love this place in the Catskills.
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It's certainly not fancy, but I had good luck at the Monterey Hostel. They have private rooms available for $60ish.
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I should say, it was about a 10-15 minute walk to the aquarium and Cannery Row.
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Best answer: Borg's! I found it by asking a Monterey resident where his family stays when they come to visit. It's not fancy, but it's a good value, and the location is great. How can you pass up staying with the Borg?
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I'm a big fan of private lodgings through airbnb. Check out this place, for instance.
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Pro tip: Buy your aquarium tickets at a hotel. (You don't have to actually be a guest. Just make them think you are.) Tickets purchased at hotels cost the same as they do at the aquarium, but are good for two days and allow you to enter through the members' entrance, bypassing the line if there is one. You can go first thing in the morning, leave when it gets too crowded, and then return the next morning to finish up.

My favorite hotels, in order, are the Hotel Pacific, Hotel Abrego, and Portola Plaza. None of them is cheap, but I once got an awesome deal at the Portola through Priceline. The Portola is in a great location, and if your room is on the right side of the hotel, you can hear the sea lions barking throughout the night.
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Response by poster: That is a nice bunch of options there, thanks folks. We have 3-4 days to go from Oakland to Encanitas, so we know there are to many things to see. Trying to decide if we should skip LA.
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I give you permission to skip LA.
It's okay, but if you only have 4 days to see Ca...
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The Jabberwock Inn, within walking distance of the aquarium. It's pricey, but if you're a fan of Lewis Carroll/The Jabberwock, it can't be missed. (Say hi to the otters for me!)
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Since seeing this thread I went to Monterey and, on ambrosia's suggestion, stayed at Borg's. It's a motel on the ocean. The rooms are fine, they have coffee available in the morning, and the staff is kind and knowledgeable. No breakfast, but if you're spending the weekend in Monterey are you really going to eat a hotel breakfast?
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Response by poster: Borg's was perfect. Great local info as to where everything was and a reccomendation on where to stop in Big Sur. Perhaps not the best place for younger, party people, but we had our drinks and played music softly and had a lovely stay. Thank you, ambrosia!
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