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I am using Serif Webplus Free Edition to build a website. But I am unable to link the pages to each other as the built in site checker recommends. I can't generate .html or insert .html. The pages themselves are labled index.html, page1.html, etc. But when I preview it in Internet Explorer, the navigation bar won't take me to following or preceeding pages. Is the problem with me or the software? What am I doing wrong?
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As my father told me many years ago, computers do exactly what you tell them to do, not what you want them to do. Meaning that blaming the software before blaming yourself is almost always wrong. The most obvious error that I can think of is that you have the path wrong, so that the link it pointing to the wrong directory. This is particularly common when developing locally and then uploading to a server.
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Can you upload your files to a host so we can take a look at them and tell you what looks wrong?
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So you've run through this tutorial: Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors -- do those instructions look right for the software you're using?

It would be helpful to see the pages as created to help troubleshoot.
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How do you create the links in the first place? Do you select a text, click on some link button and then enter the URL? Because judging by the title of this AskMe - HTML not supported - you're trying to enter html code instead of an url.
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CollectiveMind, does the link I posted represent how linking is expected to work in Serif Webplus Free Edition?
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