Please help find a source for a specific ghost story
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Please help me ID/ find a source for a specific ghost story about starved ghost children eating the new occupants of a house! Quickly...

I'm looking for a source for a ghost story that goes something like this:

Parents and kids move into a new house. The kids keep hearing creepy things, they're scared, they don't want to sleep in their own bed. I think there are voices calling out how hungry they are. Eventually it is revealed that the previous owners of the house starved their kid(s) to death. One morning the mother comes up to wake up the kids and there's nothing but their skeletons left.

I think that it appeared in a children's book, I think between the 60s and the 80s, but I don't remember it from the Alvin Schwartz "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" books. It was told to me by a storyteller, so I don't have more details about the book, but he gave me the source information; unfortunately, I've long since lost the info. Any lead would be appreciated!

(I could really use this within a couple hours. Good news? I'm at a library. But an ebook source would be EXCELLENT.)
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