Remember the name of a Pre-OSX Mac game where you swung around dots with a bar?
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This old Macintosh game sprung to mind, but until Google has metadata for game mechanics, I will have a hard time finding it. Do you remember its name?

In the game, you controlled a bar rotating around one of a series of dots. There were other dots on the screen, generally in a grid. Pressing a key, you could latch onto the next dot that your bar passed. Around some dots were good things, around others were bad things. There were a bunch of game modes, some about hitting other players (it had local multiplayer), some about being the first to get somewhere or rotate around all the flagged dots. I think there were Windows version(s) of this game, but I don't know for sure.

I remember a game, maybe the same one, where there were some crazy powerups. One would make everything leave trails, providing a trippy experience that would confuse the other player.

All the databases I've found let you search by name, or maybe by operating system (Wikipedia included) but I don't recall either! The version with the trippy powerups, if it was the same, was certainly in color.
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Spin Doctor?
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Yep, it's Spin Doctor. Great game.
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wow. i think this game came with my performa way back in the day. heh.
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And if you couldn't tell from the images I linked to, there's an iOS version available--$0.99.
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Admiral, thank you. That's absolutely what I was thinking of, and now I can even get a version I can run.

That does confirm that the game with the trippy powerups is something completely different, though. I guess I've got a week to figure that one out before I can lean on MeFite wisdom again.
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Oh my god, I used to play this on my grandparents' computer back in the day and I have fond memories of it still. I'm off to see if there's a Windows or Android version available...
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