How can I customize my wireless mouse buttons to paste a couple of preset phrases?
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How can I set a mouse button on my wireless Logitech mouse to play a series of keystrokes when pressed?

My Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 recently died, and I was in a pinch, so I purchased a Logitech M510 as a replacement. One of the features that I used frequently with the MS Mouse was the ability to set the "forward" and "back" buttons on the mouse to paste a phrase when needed (each button was set for one of two email addresses that I frequently use). I could use the Intellipoint software to easily set the text that I wished to be pasted upon the press of a button.

Unfortunately, the Logitech SetPoint software doesn't allow me the same functionality. I can set the forward/back buttons to a multitude of other presets, but the closest to what I need is having them act as a 2-digit keyboard shortcut (for example, I could set the 'forward' button as ctrl-c, and 'back' as ctrl-v), I am unable to use the buttons to paste my required text.

I tried using WinHotKey to create a couple of hotkeys which would paste my email addresses when activated, but when I try to assign those hotkeys to the mouse button via the SetPoint software, nothing happens.

I'm a little flummoxed by something which seems so silly.

Any ideas? I'm using Windows 7 64bit.
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What you want is called a "macro" in SetPoint. First use the Macro Manager to record a macro (record keystrokes only, not clicks or delays) and give it a name. Then you'll be able to assign that macro to a mouse button on the Buttons page.

This works with my G500 mouse and SetPoint 5.44.5; should work for you too, because I don't think they have different versions of SetPoint for various devices.
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Response by poster: There is no "Macro manager" in the version of SetPoint that I have, and my options for assigning commands to mouse buttons do not include a macro at all. The closest is to assign a "keystroke" which is "a single key or a combination of (ctrl,ctrl+alt,or alt) plus another key".
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This should be pretty easy to do using a free program called Autohotkey:

You probably want something like this code:

send helloworld
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