pummelvision replacement?
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Waa!? Pummelvision shut down! Now how am I supposed to convert my hundreds of wedding photos into a 2 minute video, with music? Please, please, please tell me there's an alternative way to do this - weather an automatic service, or a stand alone program, or some multi-step conversion nightmare. Thanks!
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Windows or Mac?

I like the Muvee series of programs

They have sample videos on their site. It's not free, but I think there may be a free trial.
The thing I like about Muvee is the ability to randomize the photo order, and to mix in video at various points. It makes some pretty good movies!
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Response by poster: Windows, thanks :)
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Picasa (free) or Animoto (not free)?

I made a nice slideshow of photos of my daughter's first year (with music) with Picasa (the desktop application, not Picasa Web). Have not used Animoto but a co-worker has mentioned he likes it.
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MemoriesOnTV makes some nifty slideshows also...

I prefer this and Muvee to the basic slideshow makers (Picasa, etc) because of the level of control over the final product...and, like I said, I LOVE randomizing the order of photos, rather than agonizing over the placement.
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Response by poster: The key feature of pummelvision is that it uses each photo as a single frame of a video. No moving around, no text, none of that stuff. Here's an example of a pummelvision I made of our engagement photos: warning, lots of adorable kissing.

So, Stupeflix etc, unless I'm not finding the features I want, are not what I'm after. Stupeflix doesn't let me add enough photos or flash them fast enough. Picasa, I don't think even makes videos, just slideshows. Not sure about animoto but the max vid length is 30 seconds.
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Best answer: This isn't that bad...you can use something free like Windows Movie Maker and basically use the same process as a stop animation.

Batch drag your photos into the timeline and batch resize the the frame duration.
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Aw, aren't you guys cute?

You can export as a video file or directly to YouTube with Picasa, and you can set the order of photos and how long they're to be displayed (or have it automatically set the timing to fit your music), so I think you can probably get what you're looking for with it, with some fiddling.

I've seen Animoto videos from my friend longer than 30 seconds, I think you have to have a paid account for that. But I don't think they have what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks VooDooChile, I'll give that a shot
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isn't that bad. Just in case, I was referring to level of difficulty!
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Thirding Animoto. I have used it for many similar montages in the past and have loved the outcome, as have friends and family. You can add video in too. Current cost is $2.50/month to create any number of full-length productions (and you can quit after just one month).
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Best answer: Seconding Windows Live Movie Maker, which is intuitive and free.
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Response by poster: I just tried the picasa download and it looks like the fastest I can do the transition is 1 slide per second which is far to slow.
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Response by poster: Just tried with Windows Movie Maker and: great success! Thanks everyone!
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