Shifting tumblr pieces.
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How do I edit the tumblr Effector Theme to make these small changes?

Here's a snapshot of what I currently have versus what I want to have.
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There's the option "Search Box in Sidebar" check that.

To get rid of the icons, delete all this:
<li><a class="archives" href="/archive"{block:IfNotTopMenuWithLabels} title="Archive"{/block:IfNotTopMenuWithLabels}><span class="icon"></span><span class="label">{lang:Archive}</span></a></li>

<li><a class="rss" href="{RSS}"{block:IfNotTopMenuWithLabels} title="{lang:RSS feed}"{/block:IfNotTopMenuWithLabels}><span class="icon"></span><span class="label">{lang:RSS}</span></a></li>

{block:AskEnabled}<li><a class="ask" href="/ask"{block:IfNotTopMenuWithLabels} title="{AskLabel}"{/block:IfNotTopMenuWithLabels}><span class="icon"></span><span class="label">{AskLabel}</span></a></li>{/block:AskEnabled}
Although in theory if you disable the option for people to ask questions, you probably don't need to delete that last one.
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Best answer: Sorry, I realized that might be confusing.

To move the search box:
1. Click "customize theme" from your tumblr panel
2. scroll down in the panel on the left side. There's an option called "Search Box in Sidebar" - make sure that's checked.
3. Click update changes. Your search box should move to the side bar.

To remove the icons:
1. Click "customize theme" from your tumblr panel
2. Click "edit html" in the panel on the left side.
3. Find the HTML code I posted above. Easiest way to do this is to hit ctrl+f and type in "rss"
4. Delete everything I mentioned above.
5. Click update changes. The icons should vanish.
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Response by poster: Alright... so here's how far I've gotten, but I still want to make a couple more tweaks.
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ugh this makes me want to pull my hair out. So this is what I can tell you:

It's not a horizontal rule. It's the border of the #header div being modified in css. Specifically the site.css. Here's the code involved in creating that line:
.pinned .inner {
border-bottom: 2px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
padding-bottom: 3px;
the problem is you don't have access to site.css through the tumblr panel. You can edit css files and add them to tumblr. So in theory you could download the site.css, modify it, and then upload and link it in the theme.

Not as easy of a fix, I'm afraid.
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