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I am in California and have some questions regarding the Employment Development Department.

Will working a 3 month gig at a much lower rate than my last full-time job affect my current benefits? Will I have to close and then reopen my claim?If I am currently receiving the maximum benefits based on my original pay salary of $60K/year and then take a job that pays half those wages for the months, will it lower my weekly benefit amount? Me mail me if you need more details. I really appreciate any information.
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Not a lawyer etc etc, but I've had a lot of experience with complicated EDD claims in CA and I'm pretty certain the answer is no - your benefit amount is the same unless you move onto another claim (and you shouldn't have to here), move onto an extension with a lower benefit amount etc. Annecdotally, CA EDD seems to like to pay folks under a previous claim when they refile after being laid off again, but I'm not certain if that's a fixed policy or just common practice.

By the way, the EDD online question service is really helpful, a real person answers within a couple of days and should be able to confirm this for you.
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If I remember correctly, the amount of your benefit remains the same. However, the amount you earn each week will be deducted from the payments you receive from EDD, and if you earn more than your benefit, you will receive no payment. When you stop earning, you will again receive payment of the same benefit amount.
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Will the answer determine whether or not you take this job (and thus stop receiving benefit checks)?

I believe your benefit amount is determined by the totality of how much you earn withing a certain range, not the average weekly amount. Any amount is better than nothing in the long run, as eventually the EDD checks and unemployment extensions run out.
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Response by poster: The answer will help me know what I can expect so I can plan accordingly. The opportunity that may present itself if working for 3 months, but at half the pay I would normally get. If they calculate the quarter earning as stated on the website, my weekly benefit amount will go down, but I have not been able to verify this. I sent an email to EDD asking them the question and they responded with a very vague answer, so seeking out more details. Thanks.
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