Current Mac automatic iTunes rating software.
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Looking for software to automatically rate songs in my iTunes library on my Mac (Mountain Lion). I have Autorate, but it hasn't been upgraded in three years and no longer works reliably with my iTunes library as of my upgrade to Mountain Lion. I've also searched Doug's Applescripts and come up dry. Difficulty: large library (18K local songs) + iTunes Match (made no difference with Autorate but has been an issue with other metadata apps).
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It looks like Autorate just uses play count to extrapolate ratings. Could you just use smart playlists that use play count and last played times for the same purpose?
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Doing it manually is a last resort, but I hadn't thought of assists from smart playlists.
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It's not really manual at all if you make a smart playlist that say, grabs any items that have more than 10 plays AND have been played in the last 6 months, for example.

Unless what you want is to then assign a star rating to all of those. But if you use that initial smart playlist then there's not much of a point to putting a star rating on them since you've already captured them.
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What I'm looking for is the star rating to view, which has utility value of its own. Since one of the things I use it for is explicitly to find albums I like but haven't played recently in a large playlist sorted by album, the actual star rating is useful.
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Well, you can select all songs in a smart playlist and right-click, set rating, so that takes care of that.
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