Flickr, Smugmug or a WordPress plug-in? Snowflake details within.
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I have a website for a book, to which I would like to add photo galleries. The site is built using WordPress and is on an external host (i.e. not WordPress). There would be fewer than 200 photos, with captions, and each would be 1–3 MB in size.

I'd like the galleries to have two levels of access, one public and a second that customers can access via a password.

I'd also like customers and prospects to have a good user experience (hence my interest in SmugMug). The photos would not be sold, but I would like them to be visible to search engines. I customized the WordPress package and am moderately technologically competent.

Does the hive mind have a recommendation? If the answer is a WP plug-in, is one better than another? And is a photo site other than Flickr or SmugMug that I should be considering?

Thanks in advance.
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I use my NexGEN Gallery on my WordPress site. It's very customizable and has good support.
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I use NextGen gallery on some wordpress sites and a picassa plugin (Sashin, I think) for another site that has many hundreds of photos. The former means the photos are hosted on the website's server, the latter has them hosted on picassa servers. The latter also allows selective viewing and google indexing.
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@ Tommasz & @ Kerasia: Thanks for your suggestions.
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