Have the haircut, need the hat
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Vintage hat identification - Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Does anyone know the name of this style of hat?

I can't find a photo of the back, but you can see it in the movie Sabrina - it sort of wraps around, creating a hole in the middle, though I would be happy with a similar shape without the cut out.

Any leads would be great - style name, links, milliner recommendations.

I have dreamed of this hat for more than a decade!
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It's a type of turban hat.
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Cloche hat
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Yep, per shaarog, I'd call that a brimless cloche.
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It's a cloche skull cap, a particular iteration of the cloche -- which also inspired a haircut!
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There are a few available on Etsy: 1, 2, 3 among many, many others. You might be able to persuade one of these sellers to make you something to your exact specifications!

Good luck!
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That this style is called a cloche makes complete sense when you point at the photo and announce "that's a cloche" and your husband sitting next to you says "that's the French word for bell." It is indeed a bell-shaped hat.

Cloche is also the Irish word for bell, in case you were wondering.
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Here is a side view of the hat -- I can't find a back view, but cloches aren't open like that in the back.
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I think I'd be more likely to call it a turban, as brainmouse says. They were very popular at the time, and the open crown and pleated look is suggestive of that. Here's one from 1955, one year after Sabrina was made.
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Here's a picture of Grace Kelly's pleated chiffon turban that she wore for her civil ceremony in 1956.
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You might also find similar hats listed as "Juliet caps" even though that isn't exactly accurate. There are a few hats like this currently listed as "Juliet caps" on etsy.com.
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It looks like a sort of wide (maybe 8") headband that's been pleated (or even just bunched -- tied, maybe?) in the back.
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I would call it a turban or a turban-style cloche as well. Generally cloche hats cover your full head.
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This discussion has been going on at least since 1999 at The Fedora Lounge. There seems to be ample evidence that the movie featured three different hats, alike enough in color to be mistaken for one another in different shots.

One is a molded felt beret (calot), one is a pin-tucked turban, and one is a crocheted head band, so in essence, everyone here is correct. All three were designed by Givenchy for Miss Hepburn and the production.
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