Garmin Signal Strength in a pocket.
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Garmin Forerunner 305 Filter - So the wrist strap on my Garmin that i use for MB and running just broke. If i put it in a pocket of my CamelBak, will it still get a signal? Just as accurate? TIA!
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I bet it would work, I can get signal inside my house with mine.
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Which part broke? I have the buckle side from an old one I can send you. memail me if this would help
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Apparently at least some normal watch straps will work as replacements.
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Response by poster: Yes, the strap that holds the buckle.
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You can also buy a triathlon quick-release kit that comes with a different wrist strap, allows you to use it on both bike and wrist and quickly switch between the two:
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I put my iPhone (which I use for GPS tracking with the Runkeeper app) in the mesh pocket of my Camelbak when I'm cycling and it's just as accurate as when it's strapped in an armband. Of course I'm leaning forward when I'm on my bike, which gives the iPhone a more direct exposure to GPS satellite signals than it would have if I was upright and running, so possibly it won't be as accurate when you're running instead of biking? In any case, the material of the Camelbak pocket itself isn't an issue.
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Response by poster: I would be putting it in a covered pocked on the back of my CamelBak....Anyone with any experience on this?
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I have gone on hikes with my ForeRunner 410 in the pocket of a winter coat, and it works fine. I'm not sure what the 305 is configured like; in the 410 the antenna is in the longer plastic bit of the watch just below the bezel when the watch is held upright (so that it's pointing up when you run with the watch on the outside of your wrist). If the 305's antenna is in the same place, you might try sticking it upside down in the pocket to ensure better reception. It should be fine, though. Why not give it a try?

That said, replacement bands and mount kits are easy to come by, as de void observed.
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Cloth is not a problem for GPS signals to pass through. Wet cloth can be.

I'm a pilot, and I have a GPS tracking beacon. I just leave it in my pocket while I fly, and it works fine. (My pants are, of course, cloth, and my airplane is a steel framework covered in fabric.)
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Response by poster: FYI......Tried it last night on my Mountain Bike ride. It was in my camelbak pocket and i was in thick trees/Brush and i worked just find. Thanks for everyone's input. I think im going to buy one of the universal straps.
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