Help me keep track of cash spending.
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I need an iOS app to track cash spending, preferably with a quick category function.

I use Mint to track my finances, but because of the way my bank updates its records, an ATM withdrawal usually doesn't hit until the next day. By then, I have completely forgotten how much cash I've spent, and on what. Keeping receipts is a non-starter.

I really liked Trakr, but that's useless for this, as it doesn't retain individual transactions. The interface is great, though, so something like that would be useful.

At the end of the day, I just need something where I can tap "Cab" or "Bodega" or "Enter New Thing," quickly enter an amount (I loved Trakr's dial, but it only does whole numbers!) and then be able to look at both total sum of cash spent, individual category sums, and individual transactions, so I can more easily reconcile it with my ATM withdrawals in Mint.

Any ideas?
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I'm a huge fan on EEBA on Android, and it looks like they also have an iOS app.
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Mint actually does have this if you click the icon in the bottom right hand corner. It allows you to manually add a cash (or other) transaction manually and deduct it from your last ATM withdrawal. I'm not sure how that would work out when the withdrawal posts after the expenditure but trial and error should tell.
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I like cash power.

It has a really nice way to enter amounts, you can easily add categories, and it even queries google maps for nearby businesses.
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I use iBank for this. I think it will work in your situation as well with the caveat that it starts with a blank slate and you have to enter your items in as they happen, which after time it will "learn." For example, take enough Yellow Cabs, then after a while once, you type in the letters "y-e" it will suggest yellow cab and automatically place it under the last category you used for that option (usually "Auto:Transportation" or some such). You then just need to enter the dollar amount and save. There's also a desktop version (Mac only, I think though) with far more features that syncs pretty much flawlessly with the iOS App.
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I use Wunderlist or some task app-- just mark it as complete when I transfer it to something else (like MS Money)
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iXpenseit has categories, and they'll auto-populate (using the app's history) whenever you select a vendor. I think it's the app I've had on my phone the longest, and it's always worked great.

It also lets you create quick reports (based on any criteria, so category would work for sure). There's a budgeting component that tells you how much you've spent per month, but I don't really use it.
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I love EEBA for this.
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I use and love an app called Accounts -- Checkbook from SVT Software. I use it as my check register, but you could easily use it as a cash tracker. Once you enter a category once, it will auto-suggest when you start typing, and will automatically make the entry a debit so it is very quick and easy.

Also: it handles multiple accounts, so if you want to ALSO use it as your checkbook register or whatever, you could have separate accounts for bank and for cash and it will handle both. I like it as my checkbook because it handles recurring payments very well, and it also remembers that when I enter "Salary" that it's a credit, not a debit, so it's very, very fast and easy to use.

I tried a few apps before I found this one. I love it and it is free.
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ynab does this too, though you need the desktop app to make it all work (and set up budgets and what have you) It's brilliant for budgeting and tracking your money, but it appears you're already using Mint for that.
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Best answer: I found the simplest and most elegant app of this type to be Expenditure.
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I've used Balance for this. It's very simple and does just what you want--add a new entry amount, name it whatever you want, when you see it's hit your account in mint mark it cleared. Exports to txt or xls if you need, and it's free (there's a paid upgrade if you want to track multiple accounts).
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Response by poster: Expenditure is perfect! Thanks everyone.
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