What cool things can I do with a spare, jailbroken iphone 3g? (wifi service only)
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What cool things can I do with a spare, jailbroken iphone 3g? (wifi service only)

I have an iphone 4 and an ipad (3G) thus I have the standard uses covered.
I also have a spare iphone 3G that I have jailbroken.
Being as my other ios devices are not jailbroken, I Jailbroke the 3G so I could experience the OS "wide open".
I took a look at cydia etc, but there is so much available, it's hard to determine what is worthwile. What are some incredibly "cool" or usefull things I can do with the jailbroken phone that I cannot do with my other devices.
I was going to sell it, but I prefer a list of useful things I can do with it that I cannot do with my other devices. Extra points for cool geekiness or integration with the other devices.
The 3G has wifi only access as the phone is no longer tied to ATT.

Thank you
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I've got mine sitting in a speaker dock and use it for a dedicated internet radio (TuneIn Radio works great for this). Not especially unique or cool and doesn't even require a jailbreak, but it works pretty well. It's nice to not have to use my "real" iPhone 4 or laptop to do this when I'm just hanging out in the house and want something different to listen to in the background, or theres a game on. (The internet stream comes in clearer than the local AM station broadcasting the hockey games, for example).
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Mine's a silly expensive dedicated alarm clock on a dock by the bed. I use Ambiance as a white noise generator and the built in alarm clock. My 3 year old also plays games on it, since there's no longer any way for him to RUIN MY LIFE by calling my boss or something. Lots of multiplayer games play great over wifi (flight control, woo!) or bluetooth.

You can SSH into it and do normal unix-y stuff on it. It becomes pretty damn powerful if you're comfortable on the command line.

The big limitation is the lack of multitasking, which makes stuff like skype more handy. There are hacks to enable it on jailbroken devices, though. Google.
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Oh, and with AirFoil you can use it like you'd use an Airport Express to add extra speakers around your house. That'd be a reasonably good use of a dedicated device.
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This would be really cool. :-)

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I use Mobile Mouse on my 3G to control my PC that's hooked to my TV. I love it and heartily recommend. Best $1.99 I've ever spent.

(thanks to askme for suggesting it in the first place!)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far!
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Wow, was about to post this very same question.

I am considering putting Android on my spare iPhone 3g just to see what its all about, using the instructions in this post. Apparently its picky about what method you used to jailbreak, and only works on 3g and 2g models.

Also possible through www.iphodroid.com as well.
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Just came across this so a couple months late. . . the most powerful things to consider are that there are jailbreak apps like insomnia that override the iphone's desire to disable wifi when it's sleeping . . and ones to keep it awake constantly. Therefore you can use it like a home phone over WiFi with combinations of Skype, SIP phone apps and/or Google Voice. This also makes it as others have mentioned a great internet radio with various radio apps, RSS player for podcasts etc. And the best part is you can play with those app simultaneously with true multitasking.
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oh yeah and all the free apps (try before you buy) you want. . .
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