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Excel Pivot Table Help - My google-fu and excel-fu have failed me, I'm working on a tracking pivot table that will display total number of attendants in a class (broke out in gender) for each day based on a start and end date.

The data will be entered in this format:

Name Start End Date Class Gender
Bob 5/5/12 6/4/12 Math male
Larry 5/5/12 6/4/12 Math male
Sue 6/1/12 6/8/12 History female
Jesee 6/1/12 6/8/12 History male
Erin 6/1/12 6/8/12 Geography female
Cat 5/5/12 6/8/12 English female
Dave 6/1/12 6/4/12 Science male
Liza 5/5/12 6/4/12 Science female
Sally 5/5/12 6/4/12 Science female

With the pivot table breakout out based on gender showing total number in each class for days in the range.

Jan Feb
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 … 1 2 3 4 5….


Any help would be appreciated.
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Column: Date


You're going to need a column with either X or 1 in it after the Class, then the Value would be count.

Make sense?
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The catch for me is with the date, it's not a discrete numer, but a range with start and end as the entered data. How would I break that out?
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You can just subtract one day from another to get the number of days. I'm guessing, though, that you're going to want to filter out weekends from that, and for that, you'll need to make a separate table that lists the day of the weekday name for each day, and then subtract that from those totals you get- you can do something like a countif() to see how many weekend days fall in those date ranges.
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The formula I use is DATEDIF


the "d" in the formula is for Days. If you want months it's "m". It doesn't take weekends into account though.
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This sounds a lot more database-y to me than spreadsheet-y. If the dates in the sheet aren't likely to change a lot, you can add a bunch of extra columns, one for each day you are checking, and then just put a 1 or a 0 in each (by formula) depending on whether the student attended that day.

Do you have access to a database program?
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