Balkan beats + Ira Glass = best run ever?
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Is it possible/simple/affordable to mix/layer/? music I own under a podcast?

I really like running to podcasts instead of music. But, I am quite aware that running to music keeps me on a faster and steadier running tempo. If I could bring something into creation by just saying it, I want to be able to combine a podcast I've downloaded and music I own, so that the music is quiet enough to hear the podcast, but loud enough to drive me to run faster. Unfortunately, while quite computer literate, this is a world I know nothing about.
An optimal outcome would be:
software that's free or cheap
a process that isn't too onerous or difficult to learn, because obviously, once I've listened to the podcast, I need to do this again to a new one.
[yes, I do realize that some podcasts have interstitial music at times, but lets pretend that's not an issue]
Is this possible? Googling words I thought might get me there got me....nowhere.
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Audacity is free and will do this very easily.
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(Audacity the computer program, not audacity as a personality trait.)
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(The World Famous-if all it took was BEING audacious, I'd just have to look at the tracks and they'd know what to do.)
So, Audacity is both totally user friendly and opaque at the same time. I think I mean it's like what people say about learning piano-easy to learn, but a lifetime to master? It's getting me where I need to go, but I have the feeling there are also so many things I have no clue about in there. Not a bad thing! A great thing!
Thanks for the answer and this whole new [to me] FREE world to explore.
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