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Game-loving MeFites: Know any games that make use of a computer, but aren't computer games?

I'm thinking along the lines of playing "Name That Tune" using your iTunes library, or using an online dictionary to play the Dictionary Game. Surely there are ways to play with Google searches, Google maps, YouTube or anything else on the World Wide Web? I'm looking for something that requires no soft- or hardware other than a computer and a basic internet connection, and I'm not interested in RPG. Thanks!
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People have devised a number of games with wikipedia, including Philosophy. Google-based games also abound
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You'll hate me for this as you will become addicted - Sporcle
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"Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" via IMDB or Wikipedia
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Geocaching. (Also requires a GPS receiver, but a lot of computers now have them.)
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There was one a while back called "google whacking" IIRC. I suspect it's out of fashion now. But the object of the game is to come up with a two-word google search that turns up exactly one hit.
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My friend and I invented a game using a Scrabble set that requires the use of Google.
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A couple of months back there were tons of people using Mapcrunch to play a game of find the airport.
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There's the simple art of Wikigroaning (note that the article is a few years old but the idea remains).
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Thanks folks, keep 'em comin'!
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This one is a bit different, but...

A gentleman that I am interested in and I were for a while sending each other dirty texts entirely in simple ciphers. I used a keyboard to shift everything one letter to the left (with wrap) and told him I used a visual map to code it. Took him ages to work it out!
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