New netbook's display gives me headaches
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My netbook is giving me headaches and sometimes migraines. Help me adjust my display?

I have a new netbook: an Asus Eee PC 1225B. I've had it about 3 weeks and the display gives me headaches and sometimes even triggers migraines.

I've tried adjusting the brightness, color, contrast, gamma, and color saturations through both Windows 7's tools and AMD's Vision control center. No adjustment that I've made had seemed to help.

Sitting it side-by-side with my old Eee PC (a 1005) that did not give me headaches - the new display looks greener and more washed out. But turning it down and blue up (via the 3 choices AMD gives me - Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast for each color) doesn't help. I can't seem to find the right color balance. Also, text does not look as sharp, despite running Clear Type repeatedly.

What, specifically, should I be tweaking? The display seems extra bright to me, but turning down the brightness alone doesn't fix the issue. None of the pre-installed presets are right either. I've been to plenty of those "help me calibrate my display" websites to no avail. Are there any other programs with presets I can try? I am so tired of tweaking color by color.
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Blurry text sounds like you need to update your display driver. Try going to the Asus website, find your computer model and then download the proper driver.
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Have you tried smart display software like f.lux?
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Also, text does not look as sharp

Not to be too obvious, but have you confirmed that you are using the native resolution of 1366 x 768 and not something lower?
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Can you make sure that the display is set to the optimal (maximum) resolution and refresh rate? Right click the desktop -> screen resolution -> advanced settings and check out the monitor tab.
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Yes, I am using the native resolution and maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. Though using the native resolution causes its own problems... with sites like Failbook that post text as images (like the text under this image), I have to sometimes pick up the netbook and hold it about 6 inches from my eyes to be able to read the text. I also had to bump my OS text up to 125%.

F.lux might help with my headaches; I'll try it out. But it seems no matter what temperature I set it at, the color is still wrong. For example, the link text here on Mefi that I know is a gold color looks more neon greenish. Particularly in the images at the top of the page - the Filter of the logo and the bar that goes across the page. I don't often do color-sensitive work but it would be nice to know when I'm changing the colors on my website, for example, that what I'm seeing is accurate.

Thank you all for your help. I updated my display drivers, thanks for reminding me. Any other ideas, please share!
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Honestly it sounds like maybe you got a defective machine. Since you've only had it for 3 weeks, it would still be under warranty. Probably would be easier to send it in for repair or get a replacement.
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My first thought was that you need glasses or an update to your prescription. Or the machine is defective as littlesq suggests.
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I have glasses and a brand new prescription, less than 6 months old.
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Update: Well, it's been a couple months. I still don't think the display is ideal but I've gotten used to it. I was very dubious of F.lux but it does seem to have cut down on the migraines, so thanks for getting me to try it, mykescipark!
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