Tinseltown Sex Therapist Wanted!
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Where can I find a good sex therapist in Los Angeles?

I am close with a woman is is bisexual and has been in open relationships in the past. I care for and love her deeply and the feeling is shared. In some ways I feel as if I am coming out of the closet with bisexuality and polyamory. I have felt this way for a long time. The opportunity never really presented itself until now and I feel paralyzed.

Some of the people I've met who are involved in this lifestyle/system make me cringe. I am also wary of therapists who are too foo-foo.

I am a 40YO healthy male.
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Do you need a therapist who can deal with the emotional issues related to open relationships, or a sex therapist who treats specific sexual dysfunctions?
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She's in Santa Barbara but maybe could refer you to someone in LA? She taught a class I was in on human sexuality and seemed good.

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From the OP:
Roger Ackroyd - one who can deal with emotional issues.....
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Well, for the MeFi Mag, I interviewed Dr. Susan Block (about a copy editing job, weirdly enough), and she's a sex therapist who would very much support your bi-poly identity. Whether she's right for you depends on how much you like blowsy primate-anthro modality for your sex therapy (she may, indeed, be a little too foo-foo), but she'd at least be encouraging.
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