Need help navigating Montreal with two stops along the way.
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Montrealers - does this driving plan (Ottawa to Vermont, with two stops in Montreal) make sense, or can you suggest better alternatives?

My wife and daughter drive Ottawa to Vermont every summer. This year the trip is complicated by the need to a) pick someone up in Outremont, and b) drop me in the vicinity of Papineau/Sherbrooke. They need to end up on the 10 going east. I believe they turn right someplace near Magog to a border crossing.

My suggestion from looking at Google Maps/Street View is:
- Decarie to Edouard-Montpetit. Navigate to pick-up in Outremont.
- Mont-Royal E to Papineau. Drop me off at Sherbrooke.
- Jacques-Cartier, following the loop around Tascherau to end up going south on the 20/132.
- Some distance before the Champlain bridge there is a sign for 10/Sherbrooke which takes you on to Marie Victorin and eventually winds its way onto the 10. After that they'd be good.

Another option might be to take the 40 to Papineau, follow it all the way to Sherbrooke, drop me off, work back to Outremont and then the Decarie, at which point they'd be good. Might be a bit simpler, but longer.

Or they could drop me at Outremont metro and let me figure my plans out for myself, leaving them to only do the pickup and get back to the Decarie.

Guidance would be appreciated.
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Just realised day/time might be important. We would be arriving in Montreal around 10am on a weekday morning.
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I live in Montreal and know the city well, but a caveat: I am not a driver.

The first itinerary sounds best. The Jacques-Cartier has just been repaved and should not see any closures for awhile. Don't get hung up on the 40 on a weekday morning.

You might get more precise feedback from asking this on /r/montreal, which has more locals than ask.mefi
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This sounds wrong to me, as someone who has done the Ottawa-Montreal drive hundreds of times and the Montreal - New England drive several dozen times. However, the grain of salt is that people get kind of fixed in their routines.

Your general idea of Ottawa-> Outremont-> Papineau-> highway 10 is good. No need to backtrack or have you be dropped off at a Metro.

A lot depends on time of day, but 40 to Decarie is almost always a bad idea. You will crawl down Decarie and crawl along Eduard-Montpetit. In my opinion, 40 to Acadie to Park is the better way from highway to Outremont.

Mont-Royal is a very slow driving street. St. Joseph is a much better option to get to Papineau.

From Papineau to the Jacques-Cartier bridge and thence to the 10 is a good plan.
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Sounds like a plan. Thanks.
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The 40 eastbound is blocked up almost all the time; I'm not convinced you will save much time going the one exit past Decarie to l'Acadie, but I don't think it will hurt that much. It's always a bit blocked up (the next exit has been closed for a year), and the service road there can be a little difficult to do/poorly signed, so it doesn't win that much against Decarie. If you do take Decarie, you probably want to get off at Jean-Talon, not Queen Mary/Edouard Montpetit. There are ways to do this on side streets which are faster, but only if you don't get lost. Take a highway, either highway.

(I work fairly near there and see this traffic all the time.)

As bumpkin suggests, don't drive along Mont-Royal. St-Joseph is a far better option.

Papineau to the Jacques-Cartier is fine, though always check for bridge closures. Just because they claim the repaving is finished doesn't always mean it is.

You want to avoid the Turcot (Decarie/15 meets 720/20), as there are lane closures all over and occasionally one direction is closed, usually the one you want to take. This is especially true if you are eastbound or southbound.
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