Looking for a place to get awesome nail art done in Vancouver BC
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Looking for a nail salon that does really fierce designs, ideally a WAH Nails or SuPa Nails equivalent in Vancouver BC?

I can find loads of places that'll draw Hello Kitty on my nails or stick gemstones on them, but haven't found any '(nail) ART' establishments yet. Does anyone have any pointers for places in the Vancouver area? I don't want to go out and buy nail pens and botch it all up because over the past couple of years my hands have gotten a bit shaky. Halp!
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I can't help you out with a location for a nail art place but I wanted to address the other part of your post. DIY nail art with nail pens are almost impossible, however there are other DIY choices besides pens. You can make nail transfers with printer paper or with decal paper (not a tutorial for nail transfers but it tells you how to use decal paper. You'll still need to use a base and top coat just like you would with the printer paper).
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Thank you for answering MaryDellamorte! I hadn't seen the stuff about decals before and have bought some rubbing alcohol to try it (I'm very cack-handed so fingers crossed).
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