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Chicago filter: I want to create a time-lapse/stop-motion ode to Chicago like this one of Paris. Please recommend some good sites/spots to shoot!

Particularly looking for shots that you feel are especially representative of or quintessential Chicago... but not the obvious tourist-trap places (though the Bean is definitely making the cut).
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High-traffic train stops like Randolph/Wabash or Lake at rush hour or Addison on a Cubs game day. Maybe ones in the Loop shot from below so you can see all the trains coming and going.

Wrigley Field.

Lake Shore Drive at night.

State Street.

People sailing on the lake.

Sue at the Field museum and all of her visitors.
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The drive up and down Lake Shore Drive never, ever fails to amaze me regardless of season, time of day, or traffic. Thank you, Montgomery Ward, for suing to keep the lakefront open.

The wheel at Navy Pier

The atrium at the Thompson Center

The lights at play at Buckingham Fountain
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This video by Chris Pritchard sounds a bit like what you're describing and might give you some ideas, although it's more or less all downtown. Some ideas further afield: the Garfield Park Conservatory, the U. Chicago campus in Hyde Park, Graceland Cemetery, planes taking off and landing at O'Hare or Midway, Edgewater Beach Hotel, the Milwaukee/Damon/North intersection on a Saturday night...
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Ugh, Damen
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Garfield Red Line Stop--Not quite quintessential Chicago hot dog/ Second City Improv/Bean sort of quintessential Chicago but still representative of Chicago life, especially that of the South Side.

The lions in front of the Art Institute

Runners/bikers along the Lake Front trail

North Ave beach (is this too tourist trappy?)

Lincoln Park Zoo
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I've always thought an interesting shot would be the North Avenue Beach bridge on a sunny weekend day: traffic on the Drive will be pretty heavy, and you'd get people in bathing suits with tote bags crossing up over them...

There's always a lot of coming and going on Bryn Mawr, in the two blocks east of the L. There seem to be a lot of animated, lighted signs, and the street is relatively narrow. Looking west would be a good shot just after sunset with a train going by.

The Red Line L tracks curve twice in succession right around Sheridan station - first to the W, then back to the N. There'd be good shots in there because it wouldn't just be the train passing flat across the frame, you could get it coming at you then turning away (or... something...). The problem I guess is it's a pretty built up area, I'm not sure how/where you'd set up the shot...

The United / Terminal One tunnel - a little cliche, but still... colorful, and the moving sidewalk makes a pan pretty easy on you.

The Blue Line L tracks down the middle of the Kennedy might make for some nice juxtaposition between train and car traffic.
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It would be one hell of a long drive, but you could drive down Western Avenue all the way from Howard/Western on the north side to 119th/Western on the south side. I think it's the longest north/south street in Chicago, and would be a wonderful way to see the variety of people and places within the city.
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I've always loved the walkway over Lake Shore drive that goes to North Avenue beach.

Also, I'll 2nd what astapasta said about getting the runners and bikers on the lake front and add that you can get some sweet shots of that that also capture the skyline or some of the older, classic lake-front buildings.

Maybe Division or Rush Street on a weekend night.

And Chicago doesn't quite have a Sacre Coeur, but it does have some great churches, some of which border the Kennedy just north of downtown, so you can catch the traffic going by as well.
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Possibilities to consider:
- The pedistrian/traffic/bus stop area right in front of Watertower.
- Downtown: Cultural center, Old Navy and the old guy with the signs and his megaphone.
- Devon and little India strip or Lawrence in Albany Park.
- Bike paths on forest preserve by Devon and Milwaukee.
- Wrigleyville and Cubbybear/other bars during a game night; Weiner circle.
- Green City Market in Lincoln Park on a weekend.
- Block of houses in a bungalow zone, as well as the highrises near the lakefront (or possibly South Loop).
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The view of and from the river anywhere in the Loop is pretty cool. If you were looking south at the Lake Street bridge you would see el trains and vehicle traffic going across the bridge, plus kayaks, tourboats, pleasure boats, and water taxis passing by in the water.
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I would love to see a visual shout out for every distinct neighborhood in the city. Show me the Andersonville water tower, the Logan Square turnabout, Bucktowns flash taco sign, north park's waterfall...bronzeville, Hyde park, Albany park, wicker park, Beverly,Garfield park, humboldt park, etc. Each Chicago neighborhood has at least 1 thing in it that is visually distinct. That's what my love letter to Chicago would look like...
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I would love to see a visual shout out for every distinct neighborhood in the city.

If you go this route (which is awesome), get the arch on 26th Street and the gigantic pepto-pink monstrosity that is Mi Tierra in Little Village. (And then eat there.)

Pilsen would be shots of all the murals (or maybe just the really great ones).

Hyde Park would be the UofC quad and the Midway. Maybe also The Point.
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I've always wanted to strap a camera to my bike/helmet and film the ride on the lake front path all the way from the north end to the south. Early in the morning, it's especially beautiful.
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