Where Do You Put Out A Casting Call For A Personal Project?
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I am shooting a music video next month. It's a personal portfolio project and while my social group has stepped in beautifully, I still need people with certain traits/looks. Is there a place online I can post a listing to while also being upfront that it is an unpaid/volunteer gig?

I know unpaid gigs suck, I've done any number of them, so I want to make everyone-who-is-not-my-friend comfortable with a long shooting time (walk in, get filmed, walk out) in an easy to get to location and a catered shoot. Do message boards, job sites, or lists exist where I can post the above listing and expect a good showing?

I have never had good results with craigslist, sadly.
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If I needed an army of people dressed that, I'd tell Amanda Palmer about it on Twitter and ask her if her fans could help.
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I'd contact the Pickle Family Circus in SF and see if they know any collectives in NY. Or do some searching for burlesquey circus performers in your area and reach out to them directly. Post on Facebook on applicable events.
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Sorry. Was really thinking of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus! And they're in NY!
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Model and acting schools would be great for that
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Have you tried casting websites? Backstage.com, for example - I'm not sure if there are more specific websites for NY, but that should work.

Call acting schools and workshops and ask them how they handle casting notices (i.e., should you post a physical flier? Is there an online board?)
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The Nonsense NYC mailing list might be a good fit for this.
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Model Mayhem.
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